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Naudens’ core business is the design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of industrial and commercial steel products. We offer a turnkey to the HVAC industry.

Our main objective is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers through outstanding workmanship and quality control during all aspects of planning, production, installation and servicing.

The Naudens staff has literally hundreds of man hours of experience behind them, ensuring that every customer receives the best products and services available from the industry. Potential customers are made aware of the expertise of the Naudens staff from the impressive list of existing installations at high profile sites.

As a B.E.E company, Naudens is committed to the on-going training of its members and management team to ensure a sound foundation for the company both now and in the future. With many South African outlets, Naudens also has a presence within other African countries. A key objective of the company is a long term contribution to the growth of South Africa.

Naudens Mission-Growth

  • To be the most reputable sheet metal manufacturer in South Africa.
  • To meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, by insisting on only the best design, raw materials and workmanship.
  • To encourage new ideas and better solutions to maintain a competitive edge.
  • To apply the vision, experience and energy of a strong leadership team to the pursuit of profitable growth.
  • To maximise returns with limited resources.
  • To insist on a culture of professionalism and courtesy in service to our customers.

Naudens Vision-Wealth Creation

  • To be leaders in innovation in our field, locally and globally.
  • To enhance diversity in our workforce through working in partnership to create a better future for all our people.
  • To maximise value for our employees, customers and shareholders.
  • To constantly be looking for new opportunities to expand in Southern Africa.
  • To become a major player in this market.

Naudens Core Values

  • Operating in the ethos of mutual respect for all persons.
  • Transparency and honesty in all dealings.
  • Applying best professional practice.
  • Resolutions of disputes by direct personal discussion.
  • Upholding the highest ethical standards in our business relationships.

Black Economic Empowerment
Naudens believes that broad-based empowerment of business in South Africa is essential for long term economic and social stability. It is to this end that we are striving to become a recognised BEE Company

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