Spiral Ducting

Spiral Ducting We supply SPIRAL DUCTWORK from 100 mm to 1600 mm diameter in galvanized steel. Other special materials and finishes are available, along with a full range of fittings and ancillary components. We can manufacture stainless steel spiral ducting on special request. Other special materials and finishes are available along with a full range of fittings. Advantages of Spiral Ducting 1. Attractive appearance: exposed Spiral duct is attractive and is frequently specified by architects because of its superior aesthetic appeal. Paintable Spiral duct can be finished to blend in with, or stand out from, the indoor environment. 2. Economical to install: the unique attributes of Spiral duct can reduce installation costs: Easier to install through and around structural framing Longer spans reduces installation operations and the number of connections and hangers required 3. Lower cost of ownership–Spiral duct reduces upfront and operating costs: Low air leakage, optimal airflow characteristics, and less pressure drop allow smaller and more efficient air moving equipment Inherently stronger, allowing the use of lighter gauge, less costly metals Efficiently manufactured from strip steel to any diameter Spiral duct’s smooth interior traps less dust and is easier to clean 4. Many options and accessories–a solution to almost any system design requirement: Manifold ducts efficiently handle complex distribution requirements and reduce installation time and cost Standard components for every application, such as gored and die formed elbows, tees, laterals, pant wyes, reducers, rectangular to round transitions, pick-up hoods, blast gates, cleanouts, access doors, diverters, and many more Custom components can be engineered for any purpose or specific application.


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Rectangular Ducting

Rectangular Ducting We supply RECTANGULAR DUCTWORK and associated ductwork fabrications, in galvanized steel, mild steel aluminium, and stainless steel. Other special materials and finishes are available, along with a full range of fittings and ancillary components Ends are available in: Raw (plain end) S and drive flanges Mezz Flanges Angle Iron Flanges Standard duct lengths are 1225mm but can be manufactured to suit customer requirements. Standard and reducing elbows are available in any size and degree with optional radius.


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