Fire Suppression – Ansul


  • Maximum protection in the event of a cooking equipment fire with unlimited supply of fire fighting agent (water fog).
  • Specially designed water nozzles each with its own fire detection element. Water is released from all nozzles as a dry pipe (deluge) system.
  • After fire is extinguished, water is easily shut off from control panel.
  • Clean is quick and easy.

Sequence of Operation

  • A fire occurs activating the suppressor system.
  • During the fire condition:
  1. Immediately, unlimited water supply is released in a fog mist that extinguishes the fire.
  2. A fire indicator and audible alarm are activated at the panel and up to 3 remote locations.
  3. Fuel (gas and electric) to the cooking equipment is shut off.
  4. After the fire the system is easily reset.

Owner’s Guide
Piranha Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Before Resuming Business:

  1. Immediately after discharge, call your authorised Ansul distributer to inspect and recharge your Fire Suppression System.
  2. Have your Ansul distributor determine the cause of the system actuation.
  3. Area must be cleaned up within 24 hours after discharge using warm water and cleaning detergents.

Clean Up Procedures

Although there is no unusual clean-up procedure of PRX agent, due to the alkaline nature of this agent, it should be cleaned from the kitchen surfaces within 24 hours after system discharge. The reaction from the wet chemical agent on cooking grease or oil produces a foamy bi-product that can be wiped with a sponge or cloth. The following procedures should be followed.


Before attempting any clean-up, make certain that all fuel sources to the equipment to be cleaned have been shut off. Make certain that the exhaust hood and all appliance electrical control have been de-energised to avoid any chance of electrical shock resulting from the cleaning process or from electrically conductive alkaline liquid agent and/or its residue.

Make certain all surfaces to be cleaned have cooled down to room temperature. Do not use water to clean any appliances that contain hot grease or cooking oils. Doing so may result in violent steaming and/or spattering.

  1. The agent is non-toxic; however, food product and cooking grease/oil that has come in contact with the agent will no longer be suitable for human consumption and should be discarded.
  2. Sponge as much of the agent as possible using sponges or clean rags. Dispose of these sponges or rags in a local sanitary landfill site in accordance with local authorities. NOTE: Wear rubber gloves during clean-ups sensitive.
  3. Using hot, soapy water and either a clean cloth or sponge, wipe away all residue and thoroughly scrub all surfaces that have come in contact with the agent.
  4. After thoroughly cleaning all affected surfaces, adequately rinse and allow to completely dry before re-energising the equipment.


A. Ansul Products

Except as indicated in B. below, your Piranha Restaurant Fire Suppression System is warranted you as the original purchaser for five years from date of delivery against defects in workmanship and material.

B. Purchased Products

The following items which are not manufactured but purchased by Ansul are warranted against defects resulting from manufacturer’s fabrication, process or parts for one year from the date of purchase: detectors, electric manual pull station, thermostats, solenoids, switches, fuel shut off valves and pressure relief valves. Evaluation of each reportedly defective switches, valve, etc., returned to Ansul will be made by the original manufacturer an agent thereof and their judgement shall be final.

C. Except as provided in A. and B., there are no warranties express or implied made by Ansul, concerning this system. There are no implied warranties of FITNESS FOR PURPOSE OR MERCHANTABILITY. Ansul shall have no liability for consequential, special or similar damages.